Anifurry Story: the Saul Family

In the fast-paced world we live in, where schedules are tight and routines become the norm, the Saul Family has chosen a different path—one that leads them to the open road, exploring the beauty of the world and creating unforgettable memories as they go. Meet Kearstin, David, Kinlee, and Zeke, the dynamic quartet behind Heart and Saul Travel, a family passionate about RV life and dedicated to sharing their adventures with the world.


The Saul Family's journey began in October 2021 when they made the bold decision to sell their home in Asheville, North Carolina, and embrace a life of full-time RVing. Armed with a Ram 3500 and a Heartland Cyclone 4150, they set out on a remarkable expedition that has taken them through over 20 states and 18 National Parks in a relatively short span. Their story unfolds like a travel novel, filled with breathtaking scenery, spontaneous detours, and a rich tapestry of experiences. From hiking the trails of Grand Teton National Park to immersing themselves in the vibrant streets of New Orleans, the Saul Family has truly embraced the diversity that this nation has to offer.


The Heart and Saul Travel blog serves as a treasure trove of information for fellow travelers and adventure enthusiasts. From maintenance tips and travel ideas to personal anecdotes about life on the road, their blog offers a glimpse into the realities and joys of RV life with kids. The Sauls seamlessly weave together practical advice with the charm of their personal experiences, creating a space where readers can find inspiration for their own journeys. One noteworthy aspect of their blog is the way they connect their adventures with broader historical and natural narratives. For instance, their exploration of White Sands National Park takes readers on a historical journey, delving into the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer and the development of the atomic bomb. It's a testament to their ability to seamlessly blend travel tales with educational and historical content.


As the Saul Family continues their travel life with kids, they carry with them a treasure trove of lessons learned on the road. They emphasize the importance of flexibility and openness to change, urging fellow travelers to embrace unexpected surprises as opportunities for growth. Balancing exploration and relaxation is another crucial lesson they highlight, recognizing the need for downtime amidst the excitement of the open road.

Here are our talks with David:

1.Making the decision to sell your house and embrace a full-time RV lifestyle is a bold and transformative choice. What was the pivotal moment that sparked this decision, and how did you find the courage to do so?

David:Kearstin has always loved the idea of living tiny. We’ve thrown around the idea for years but we just thought with kids it wasn’t a possibility. After watching so many full-time RV families on YouTube we realized the full-time family community was huge and that we could actually do this!

2. Transitioning to a full-time RV lifestyle inevitably comes with its challenges. Can you share a specific unexpected challenge you faced on the road, and in overcoming it, were there surprising rewards or positive moments that emerged, reshaping your perspective on this adventurous journey?

David:The toughest challenge is absolutely downsizing. Especially with kids and them finding a good median of what they could and couldn’t bring into the RV for space. As time went on we realized very quickly we didn't need these “things” because we were finding ourselves outdoors exploring more often! Over the past two years on the road we love the idea of purging items that we really don’t need that just take up space.

3. Embarking on a full-time RV journey with two kids must have introduced unique dynamics. How have the shared experiences and challenges of life on the road influenced your family dynamics, and could you share some memorable moments that highlight the impact of this nomadic lifestyle on your relationships and connections?

David:Traveling and living full-time in an RV with kid’s definitely took some adjusting. We made sure our kids had their own space and privacy because being in such tight quarters sometimes you just need time to yourself. However, since we are in such tight quarters we’ve found that our family has become closer. We are together most of the time and enjoy taking in these moments we have with our kiddos while they’re still kids.


4. For those contemplating a similar life-changing decision but feeling hesitant to take the first step, what words of advice or encouragement would you share based on your own transformative journey? What lessons or insights have you gained that you believe could inspire others to overcome their reservations and embrace a new and adventurous chapter in their lives?

David:We always say you have to have that adventure edge! It takes a lot of courage to just jump in but absolutely make sure you have a source of remote income and we always recommend a camping membership to save money at campgrounds across the US. Do your research and tour some RVs first to make sure this is the lifestyle for you! Then of course have that courage to just DO IT!

5. In the movie “Nomadland”, the protagonist faces a choice between a settled life and the nomadic community. Considering your current nomadic lifestyle, do you envision a point in the future where you might transition back to a more settled existence, or does the allure of the open road and nomadic living continue to shape your long-term plans? How do you see your family's journey evolving in the years to come?

David:We absolutely relate with “Nomandland”, once you’re out on the open road with freedom to explore all these beautiful locations it’s tough to imagine us back in a sticks and bricks home. Right now we’re loving that our home has wheels and have no plans to settle down to a permanent address. However, we never say never and continue to check with our children’s mental health to make sure this is the lifestyle they’re still happy with and currently we’re all very happy on the road and would love to travel abroad in the future!

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