Rich in softness, fuzziness, and warmth – nothing feels better than snuggling in your faux fur blanket on a cold winter night. The plush faux fur blanket is the perfect pick, keeping you cozy and adding a luxurious touch to your home.

However, a big turnoff is when your blanket starts stinking to high heaven, ruining the comfort and warmth—wondering why your perfect-looking blanket has started reeking all of a sudden and how you can get rid of it. Keep reading this blog, as it answers all your faux-fur odor-related concerns.

The Common Sources Of Odor On Your Blanket

Wondering what’s making your blanket stink? To your surprise, it is your everyday practices that cause smelly blankets. Let’s look at some of them:


Moisture causes mildew which traps invisible fungus in your blanket, resulting in intensely moist smells. Think wet socks or rotting wood.


No matter how much you clean your house, tiny dust particles are everywhere. These are trapped in your faux fur blanket, resulting in bacterial growth and a strong smell like rotten eggs.

Other Smelly Things

The remains of strong-smelling substances like tobacco and perfume are often trapped in blankets, making them reek and causing displeasure.

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Bad Odor In Your Blanket

Everyone hates snuggling in a luxurious blanket, only to throw it off the very next minute because it smells horrible. Here are some effective techniques to get rid of weird smells and keep those blankets fresh and cozy

Ground Coffee To Your Rescue

Since coffee is a natural deodorizer, it can absorb the bad odor, making your blanket smell sweet and fresh. All you need to do is place a container of coffee grounds in your blanket for anywhere from one day to a week.

Let Baking Soda Absorb The Smell

Baking soda is an excellent odor eliminator and alternative deodorizer as it absorbs moisture. Sprinkle some baking soda on your blanket and let it sit for thirty minutes. Next, vacuum the baking soda off to enjoy your refreshed blanket.

Seal Your Blankets

An appropriate way to get rid of blankets from dust is packing them in a clothes-seal bag when you do not want to use them. This will save them from dust particles trapped in the blanket producing unpleasant smells.

Wash Away The Musty Smell

Some people find washing and drying warm blanket challenging, but it is easier done than it seems. All you’ve got to do is put them in a washing machine, followed by an air dryer, and spread them on the laundry line for fresh and cozy blankets.

Choose High-Quality Blankets From Anifurry

Snuggling up in a furry and soft faux fur blanket unwinds you, but only if they smell sweet and fresh. Choosing a high-quality faux fur blanket can excessively reduce its degree of odor, relieving you from the hassle of running errands to eliminate musty smells.

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