Are you tired of buying home textiles that contribute to the growing environmental crisis? At Anifurry, we understand your concerns, and we're excited to share some big news with you. We are proud to announce that we have just obtained the Global Recycled Standard certification, which ensures that our products are made from recycled materials and meet the highest social and environmental standards. We are thrilled to offer our customers sustainable and ethically made home textiles that support a more sustainable future.

What is Global Recycled Standard?

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a voluntary, international certification system that ensures the traceability and integrity of recycled materials used in products. It was created in 2008 by the Textile Exchange, a global nonprofit organization that aims to drive sustainability in the textile industry. The GRS certification system covers all stages of the supply chain, from raw material collection to manufacturing, labeling, and distribution. It is applicable to any product that contains at least 20% recycled material.


The GRS certification system is based on the principles of the 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle. It encourages the use of recycled materials and promotes responsible manufacturing practices, such as reducing waste, conserving energy and water, and reducing the use of harmful chemicals. The GRS certification system also requires compliance with social and environmental standards, such as fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and protection of human rights.


What does it mean for a brand to obtain the Global Recycled Standard certification?


For a brand to obtain the Global Recycled Standard certification, they must comply with the requirements set forth by the certification system. This involves ensuring that their products contain at least 20% recycled material, and that the recycled material meets the traceability and integrity standards set by the GRS.


The GRS certification system provides a rigorous, third-party verification process that ensures the credibility of the certification. This means that consumers can trust that products carrying the GRS certification have been responsibly sourced and manufactured, and meet the highest social and environmental standards.


Obtaining the GRS certification demonstrates a brand's commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. It also provides a competitive advantage in a market where consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable and ethical products. Brands that obtain the GRS certification can use the GRS logo on their products and marketing materials, which helps to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability and encourage other brands to follow suit.


Anifurry has obtained the Global Recycled Standard certification.


Anifurry is a home textile brand that specializes in sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

We believe that sustainability is not just a trend, but a responsibility that we have to the environment and future generations. By using recycled materials and promoting responsible manufacturing practices, we are reducing our impact on the environment and supporting a more sustainable future.


Obtaining the Global Recycled Standard certification was a rigorous process that involved ensuring that our products met the traceability and integrity standards set by the certification system. This involved working closely with our suppliers to ensure that the recycled materials used in our products were responsibly sourced and met the highest social and environmental standards.


We are proud to carry the GRS logo on our products and marketing materials, as it demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. We hope that our customers will appreciate the effort we have put into obtaining this certification, and that it will inspire other brands to follow our lead.


The Global Recycled Standard certification is an important step towards sustainability in the home textile industry. Anifurry is proud to have obtained this certification and to be a part of the movement towards sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. We believe that it is our responsibility to promote sustainability and ethical practices in the industry, and we hope that our customers will join us in supporting a more sustainable future.


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