A faux fur blanket performs three essential functions; keeping a person warm, creating a cozy atmosphere, and providing a lovely texture to any piece of furniture on which it is placed, be it a bed, sofa, or chair.

However, before purchasing a faux fur blanket, remember that they normally shed. While synthetic blankets can also rip and shred, fleece and woven cotton blankets should be avoided.

The American Cleaning Institute recommends washing blankets not more than four times a year, but rugs may require cleaning more often until the shedding stops. However, shaving fuzzy blankets in between washes contributes to reducing the amount of fuzz that enters your laundry room.

Deciding how to clean a faux fur blanket made of wool or fleece or faux fur fabric can be a challenge. Fortunately, by performing routine maintenance and following anti-shedding recommendations, you can preserve the quality of your fluffy blankets and keep those annoying shedding lint away.

Common Causes Of Blanket Shedding

Although many factors can cause a blanket to shed, shearing and brushing are the most common causes of fabric shed.

Brushing is the initial step in converting the base fabric into a soft one, whereas the shearing operation is the most crucial stage in obtaining a non-shedding finish on high-quality fleece blankets.

You can skip washing your faux fur blankets regularly with the steps listed below.

Ways To Stop Faux Fur Blankets From Shedding

If handled inappropriately, shedding can occur with any blanket, whether it is new or old or made of wool, fur, fleece, or other materials. As a result, practically every type of blanket requires blanket storage and preservation from shedding.

However, if you want your faux fur blanket to look fantastic and last for many years, below are some tips to keep in mind.

Wash The Blanket

Washing a faux fur blanket can prevent it from shedding excessively. When cleaning, ensure the washing machine has adequate water and use cold water rather than warm or hot water. One should use a gentle cycle, especially in large-capacity washing machines.

It would help if you used faux fur fabric conditioner or a dash of white vinegar in the rinse cycle. This will help keep the feathers stuck together instead of shedding or linting.

Shake And Dry Clean The Blanket

When laundering fluffy blankets, it is essential to follow a specific approach. First, remove as much loose dirt, fibers, and fur from the blanket as possible, either manually or with the help of a lint remover. Then, carry the blanket outside and gently shake it to eliminate dirt or debris. For this, you can take a hardwood stick to beat it up or can use a cotton roller to clean both sides.

Lastly, thoroughly dry clean the blankets.

If you follow this procedure, the shed will no longer fall off your blanket. Moreover, fuzzy blankets should be dry-cleaned no more than three times annually.

Vacuum Clean The Blanket

As a faux fur blanket's texture is smooth, you must be cautious while cleaning it. To prevent shedding, vacuum cleaners and lint removers can be used. However, it must be done carefully as the vacuum cleaner's higher suction intensity may damage the blanket. Use a low-frequency vacuum cleaner and gently run it over the blanket.

Key Takeaways

Blanket shedding can be annoying, but there are many ways to keep it under control. Following the instructions mentioned above on how to wash fuzzy blankets can help keep the shedding and lint at bay and maintain the quality of your faux fur blankets.

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Help me enjoy my polyester faux blanket without the fuzz- Really like the blanket but hate the fix, will not buy another until I get this problem solved. Thanks

— Peggy Hill