Do you feel extremely cold during the winter season and hate it? Do winters make you feel trapped, just like a caged beast? Are you prone to shivers and staying at home all day then moving an inch? Would you relatively tuck yourself under thick faux fur blankets than step outside your home? 


Most of us eagerly want to catch a couple of hours of peaceful rest, snuggling up under a warm, cozy, weighted blanket after a long, exhausting, and hard day. Certainly, there's nothing better in chilling nights than wrapping yourself into a comfy faux fur blanket, wearing your favourite loungewear, and Netflix. And in case you are roasting in your airless room, chances are high that you still want to tuck in or under a faux fur blanket.

A small size fluffy golden faux fur blanket, which is multi-functional and easy to wash. Suitable for keeping warm and decorating rooms.

Today blankets, especially the faux fur ones, have become quite versatile and desirable, acting as a perfect housewarming or corporate gift, building yourself a relaxing retreat, and adding style to a living room sofa –clear winners for every occasion. In short, the best decorative blanket on the planet earth.  


Are you in the market struggling to find a stunning, comfortable, cozy faux fur blanket? Undeniably, faux blankets come in thousands of choices, making it hard to choose one that best suits all of your needs. Why not try Anifurry's faux fur, cozy and snug blanket? Need more convincing? Continue reading to know why you need a faux fur blanket from Anifurry and why you would never want to take them off. 


Let's learn what is faux fur blanket and why it's the right choice for you.

What Is Faux Fur Blanket? 

Wondering what is faux fur? Is faux fur warm, and how it differentiates from the real thing? Are they called fake fur blankets? Looking for an answer to how to make a fur blanket?

The best faux fur blanket with luxurious grey material and velvet lining is suitable for both decoration and keeping warm.

The fashion industry these days is moving forward with more environmentally-conscious and sustainable fabric that numerous leading fashion brands are also adopting as a cruelty-free alternative to real fur.  Undeniably, faux fur is the new name of responsibility and luxury that's made up of artificial fur to mimic real animal fur feelings. In a nutshell, we can refer the faux fur as fake fur blankets. 

The faux fur fabric is usually a blend of acrylic, modacrylic, and polyester fibers. However, the faux fur fabric is engineered by humans to have the same appearance and warmth as animal fur. Certainly, faux fur is simply the best fur for warmth during chilly wintery nights. 

Faux fur comes in a variety of colors, textures, prints, and sizes to suit your artistic and decor styling. It's a synthetic luxuriousness that is processed, dyed, and cut to create your snuggly faux fur blanket, and it will easily last you a decade with proper care.  

Having the best faux fur throw blanket on your side is the perfect way to combat cold wintery nights and keep yourself warm without overheating your body or sweating the entire night. The best faux fur throw is great for adding layers to your living spaces or adding a touch of elegance, style, or comfort. We just love pulling our faux fur throw blankets and covering our legs while sipping our favorite cocktail or simply binge-watching the TV. 

Your Guide To Finding The Best faux fur blankets In The Market 

Undeniably, some stunning and comfy faux fur blankets are on the market, and it's definitely possible to find them at an affordable price, only when you know where to look – Anifurry. 

A fluffy and warm brown faux fur blanket, which is multi-functional and easy to wash. Suitable for keeping warm and decorating rooms.
Nevertheless, faux fur blankets aren't like your traditional blankets; therefore, you need to do proper homework before choosing the best faux fur throw blankets. Here's everything you need to consider before buying a faux fur blanket that surely makes your home feel cozier while saving you some bucks.

Material Details 

The first factor to consider is the material that's used to produce the faux fur blankets. Typically it's engineered from a blend of polyester and acrylic fibers. Each one of them has its unique benefits. For instance, polyester has a glossy finish but can withstand time, whereas acrylic is relatively easy to clean. Our long pile faux fur blankets are made with 60% of acrylic and 40% of polyester.

Weight Details 

Weight is another essential factor influencing the decision to buy a faux blanket or throw. Weight is directly linked with your purpose of buying. For instance, if you need something for your living room sofas that add a touch of style while keeping you warm while you relax, go for a faux fur throw. It's a great decorative blanket and never goes out of fashion. 
Moreover, weighted and thick blankets provide the ultimate comfort, just like newborn swaddles that are tightened to feel snug – who doesn't want that? Besides this, it's proven to calm the nervous system, improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety, so next time you are in the market to buy a faux fur blanket, opt for thick, weighty ones. 

Size Details

The third factor that impacts faux fur blanket purchase decision is size; one should always choose the throw or blanket depending on its usage. For instance, if you need a super soft and comfy faux fur blanket for your bed, it's safe to say that you need a bigger one. On the contrary, choose a smaller faux fur blanket if you are looking for a decorative blanket to drape your couch. 

Easy To Clean 

Faux fur is definitely less difficult to clean when compared with real fur blankets. Not only this, it's relatively easy to maintain over time – all it needs is hand washing and cleaning. 

Endless Varieties, Colors, And Styles 

The choices in faux fur throws and blankets are simply endless – they are available in almost every shade of the color wheel. 

Buying The Best faux fur blankets – Anifurry 

In a nutshell, a faux fur blanket has three main jobs; to add stylish texture to a piece of furniture, to keep its owner warm, and add a snuggly vibe to any space. 

A golden faux fur throw blanket on the bed. Can also be used as faux fur duvet cover. Easy to clean and keep warm. Queen size and king size are available.

Are you struggling to find the best faux fur throw offering comfort while being in your pocket? Need a super soft, stylish, and versatile faux fur blanket for your home? Need something that's decorative as well as adds exotic sparkle to your living spaces? Looking for big, thick, and heavy faux fur blankets to keep you warm during chilly nights?

Look no further than Anifurry 

Anifurry offers 100% cruelty-free faux fur blankets without compromising on their quality, softness, and coziness. Their faux fur blankets and throws are probably one of the best things you can own. Made of a super soft and cuddly blend of polyester and acrylic, they look good in your bedroom, are easy to clean, and last a lifetime. It's hard to resist Anifurry's faux fur blanket, and you will be tempted to snuggle in it when you come home after a long, hard day. 

Besides this, most faux fur blanket manufacturers tend to offer big blankets by joining different parts together. In contrast, our top priority is quality which is why we manufacture using big pieces of faux fur without connecting smaller pieces. 

Still, have some fears or doubts regarding faux fur blankets? Check out Anifurry – the ultimate source for your exclusive access to faux fur blankets. 


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