It's late December, and you are marathon-watching Netflix shows while munching on chocolate chip cookies and sipping hot cocoa or enjoying a glass of champagne. But there's nothing better than planning and going on a vacation to enjoy paid time off, create memories and spend quality time with your family.

Agreeable, nothing sounds better than cozying up in a double-sided, Aztec pattern, faux fur blanket next to a fireplace with a warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee in hand – but traveling to a winter wonderland sounds simply perfect.

Here's what you need to pack when it comes to going on a vacation during the winter holiday season:

Reasons Why Anifurry's Double-Sided Aztec Faux Fur Blanket Is A Must

Struggling to plan and pack your gear for the winter season to enjoy your vacation? Trying to get everything in order before you leave for the best time of the year?

Continue reading as we share why Anifurry's Aztec throw blanket is essential in everyone's to-do list.

Picturesque And Camera-Friendly

Get the luxurious look with Anifurry's Aztec tribal pattern blanket. It's a showstopper and Instagram-friendly chunky blanket that's light as a feather and super velvety. Anifurry's has a wide variety and inventory of faux fur throws, blankets and hoods, giving every room in your home a beautiful yet classy look.

One-of-a-kind faux fur blankets are available at Anifurry, allowing you to create a statement without breaking the bank.

Double-Sided Aztec Blanket

The superior quality construction of the double-sided blanket available at Anifurry ensures that your king-size faux fur blanket stays soft, textured and warm for years to come.

The Anifurry's Aztec pattern faux fur blankets are ultra-soft and comfy, thanks to our high-quality and durable stitching, fabrics and appearance. One side demonstrates the tribal Aztec pattern, and the other faux fur side is great for snuggling and cuddling with.

Thick And Warm Faux Fur Throw Blanket

The Anifurry's weighted Aztec pattern yet reversible faux fur blanket is perfect for use all year round. No matter it's chilly summer nights or brisk winter mornings, a faux fur throw blanket is all you need to curl up with a warm cup of tea or coffee on a couch, sofa or bed.

The faux fur blanket offers a velvety touch which feels soft and cozy against your skin while keeping you warm during chilly wintery nights, allowing you to relax in a cocoon of utter comfort – no matter you are in the car, airplane, or camping with your loved ones, all you need is the reversible Anifurry blanket.

Safe And Sustainable Solution

Your Anifurry's faux fur throw blanket is not only easy to clean but is a sustainable and ecological-friendly solution to real fur blankets. The best part is that it won't fall apart during machine washing and drying, making it conveniently easy to take care of.

Best Faux Fur Blanket – Anifurry

Perfect for adding elegance and texture to your living spaces or bedrooms, the Aztec pattern, double-sided faux fur blankets are the best choice. Not only are they warm and comfy, but they also offer a welcoming look to your home décor style. Anifurry's faux fur blankets make for amazing holiday presents, housewarming gifts, and much-needed pick-me-ups for yourself when it comes to traveling.


Very interested in purchasing a king-size fur, your best blanket.

— Orville Johnson